We agree that military chaplains are an essential support person for the well-being of our brave Warriors. Regardless of religious affiliation, chaplains are spiritual caretakers who provide a vital role in supporting our Warriors. 

There’s a phrase that’s become quite common among veterans and chaplains called “the new normal.” It means that their lives are never going to be the same as it was before. Many of us adopted this term during the Covid 19 pandemic. 

When pain and suffering is present in the mind and body, Warriors know that they can turn to the chaplain to help them adjust to the new normal. 

Military chaplains are a highly sought after confidant with their units because, through the power of prayer and spiritual support, they provide a space for solace and verbal processing during times of great need. 

Many chaplains bear the same physical and mental wounds of war as Warriors do. 

Military chaplains often share the mutual anxiety of working in violent situations and the trauma that comes with facing death and loss on a regular basis—which may lead to “compassion fatigue” or post traumatic stress. 

Chaplins are often on call 24/7 to converse with Warriors dealing with sorrow, shock, and tragedy, which can be brutal. This is why the negative repercussions from a chaplain’s service should not go unnoticed. 

A military chaplain’s personal trauma should not go unchecked. 

The effects of violence and grief may also lead to burnout among chaplins, so preventing burnout by nurturing those who help others in times of dire need is essential. In turn, we help sustain the clergy’s passion and purpose.

At Harvesting Happiness for Heroes, we understand the role burnout and compassion fatigue can play in the lives of military chaplains. HH4H offers on-going support for military chaplains as well as the Warriors with whom they work. 

Because of their natural empathy, it’s completely understandable that chaplains experience a lot of stress. Empathy is such a vital quality when working with Warriors, but the more empathic a chaplin is, the more vulnerable they are to compassion fatigue. 

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