Families and Friends often absorb the trauma their Warrior’s experiences. Harvesting Happiness For Heroes has developed programs specifically designed to address the emotional and physical needs of spouses, parents, friends, siblings and adult children of combat Warriors.

It’s not just the soldier who serves in war. The entire family system must adapt to service, sacrifice, resiliency, and uncertainty. This reality demands a holistic approach to serving military families after their service. 

The entire family unit needs tools, skills, and resources in order to embrace a “new normal.” When a Warrior returns home from war they are changed for life. At the same time, family members are irrevocably changed.

How we process and adapt to change impacts the outcome of the reintegration process. Learning skills that fortify our minds, bodies, and spirits will yield healthier, happier, and more satisfying lives as well as improve relationships.

Warriors and their loved ones inherently possess high levels of courage, resiliency, focus, presence, and stress-tolerance. The challenge of the reintegration process incorporates the adaptation of these values from military service to civilian life.

What is Compassion Fatigue?

Compassion Fatigue is exactly what it sounds like–burnout. It is exhaustion from attending to the needs of others. Each of us needs concrete tools to practice self-care on an ongoing and regular basis.  

In order to be truly supportive as a friend, spouse, parent or partner, you need to be able to address your own needs for physical nourishment, emotional expression, peer acknowledgment and personal reflection.

The HH4H program models self-care practices that will enhance well-being for caregivers and loved ones who are supporting the service-member returning from war. 

Our experiential learning model addresses the whole individual: mind, body, and emotions. HH4H offers one-on-one coaching, retreats, and workshops specifically for caregivers and loved ones to cultivate a more sustainable positive lifestyle for military family members. 

How to recover from deployment is not a topic generally covered in standard military resources. However, learning how to better manage stress, deal with change, and bounce-back in the face of adversity results in healthier individuals, families, and communities.

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Harvesting Happiness for Heroes provides positive psychology coaching tools to facilitate greater well-being. Our content is provided for education and inspiration. This content does not constitute mental health treatment nor is it indicative of a private therapeutic relationship. Individuals desiring help for trauma, addiction, and abuse related issues or other psychological concerns should seek out a mental health professional.

Harvesting Happiness for Heroes services and/or products are not a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis and/or treatment. Participation in all HH4Heroes programs is voluntary and does not replace, supercede or conflict with guidance and/or treatment from a medical professional. The Veterans Crisis Line provides 24/7 immediate and confidential help. Call 988 and select 1 or text 838255.

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